Jhanak Serial Cast, Twist Story, Spoilers, Latest News and Written Updates

Jhanak Realse Date:

Jhanak is an Indian in-demand TV serial that came out on the screens of Indian television in November 2023 on Star Plus and became famous because of its unique love story. This serial is also digitally available on the OTT platform like Disney+ Hotstar. This serial got more popularity in a very short period of time. This serial was directed and produced by Leena Gangopadhyay under the Magic Moments film Production in Mumbai.

Jhanak Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses):

The cast of this serial got viral because of their perfect chemistry between them and their performance in the serial melted the hearts of the audience to this serial. The main role of Jhanak was played by the famous Indian drama actress, Hina Nawab. She is famous for her good looks and beauty in the Indian drama industry. The other role of Anirudh was played by Krushal Ahuja.

Jhanak Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story begins with the life of a simple village girl, Jhanak who lived with he rold mother because her father left them when she was just 6 years old. Her mother brought her up and provided everything for her. After that, she only dreamed of becoming a very successful woman of which her mound could be proud. For that sake, she left the village with her mother went to Mumbai, and started her career in a media company. The boss of that company was a cheap person and wanted to marry her but he was already married. For this, he came into her house and then gave her a marriage proposal but she rejected it because she wanted to focus on her dreams.

He felt this like his insult and wanted to take revenge on her. For this, he was in a perfect moment to take revenge on her. Her mother got seriously ill and then died because of that fever. After that, she was left all alone and her boss took advantage of this and fired her from the company and also brought that house and kicked her out of her house.
After that, she started to live with her aunt in that city, where she met with her college friend Anirudh and he was in love with her since college but never expressed his feelings to her.

On the birthday party her friend Arshi was invited to a party where they treated her like a slave and made fun of her old dress. Anirudh got angry when he heard about this and took her home. Arshi was also in love with Anirudh and wanted to get him at any cost. When Anirudh took Jhanak’s side, she got on fire and wanted to remove Jhank from his life. For this, she arranges an accident with her but she fails because Anirudh saved her from that. After that, they came very close to each other.

Jhanak Serial Future Story:

To watch all the episodes of the serial stay connected with us on our website Parineeti. In the future story of the Jhanak serial you can watch that Jhanak got a new job and then her uncle forcefully wanted to marry his son with her but she didn’t like him. Anirudh came there and then married her to save her from that problem.

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